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U.S. Hemp Industry Wins Battle with DEA

The US hemp industry’s three-year battle with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) ended early this month when a federal court in San Francisco delivered a final blow to the government, ordered it to pay $21,265 in legal expenses to Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. The California-based company has used hemp oil -- an extract from a plant similar to that which produces the drug marijuana -- in its soap products since 1998, and has largely financed a fight by the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) to overturn DEA efforts to ban the sale of foods containing hemp byproducts.

Cannabis As Medicine


Most of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis are available from the plant in its dried, natural form. Psychoactive cannabis ingested in the form of edible preparations, vapour or smoke delivers a number of cannabinoids into the bloodstream, as well as numerous other compounds. This fact is one of the main reasons given for the reluctance of certain sectors of the medical world to prescribe natural cannabis as medicine. Science requires certain factors to be known and constant in order to make new hypotheses and conclusions in research. Natural cannabis varies greatly - certainly between species and even between phenotypes of the same local strain - in the amounts and proportions of the various cannabinoids it produces. The same is true of the other compounds present in natural cannabis.


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