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The History of Cannabis


The History Of Cannabis has been a extremely controversial one. From way before Christ, up to the current date Cannabis/ Marijuana has been used for medical purposes, nutrients, oils, construction materials and paper. How come it is still just seen as a dangerous drugs?

Cannabis is one of the earliest plants to be cultivated by men in various different ways. With the current technology we are able to produce virtually anything with it's strong fiber and medicinal purposes.

Did you know that 1 acre of Hemp will produce the same amount of paper as 3 acres of trees. And lets say that a full grown hemp plant takes 1 season to grow... The average tree takes about 15 up to 75 years to fully grow.

The cannabis plant has one of the strongest fiber structures known to man. and..... it has a HIGH economical value.

"The Reefer Madness", a by the government started hoax to misinform it's people, is back!

Wether you believe in this or not. The information in this section is extremely usefull as a resource for the events around Cannabis and Hemp.

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Did You Know?

William Randolph Hearst and Harry Anslinger were supported by Dupont chemical company and various pharmaceutical companies in the effort to outlaw cannabis in the late 1930's?