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Home News Welcome the Marijuana Expo Online

Welcome the Marijuana Expo Online

Marijuana Expo online is an Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum sidekick and initiative of old Sensi Seeds personel, to help this important museum to spread the word! You can find historical information, pictures and video or perhaps enough information to write an essay about this versatile and ancient plant.

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Since the opening in 1985 of the Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum in Amsterdam, almost a million interested people have visited this permanent exhibition. Each year, some 75,000 people from all parts of the world come to this exceptional cultural and knowledge centre at 148 Oudezijds Achterburgwal, in the heart of the Red-Light District. The museum is completely dedicated to the cannabis plant and its many uses. The Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum is unique in the world, and is much like a voyage of discovery that fits perfectly into a tourist visit to Amsterdam.
The scent of genuine cannabis plants welcomes the visitor already when entering the museum. Inside, all aspects of hash and marihuana are fully explained. For instance, a photo collection shows how hashish is made in the traditional fashion in Afghanistan. In the Middle East, hash has been a stimulant for centuries. There is a large collection of traditional pipes from all over the world. And a collection of photos, posters, and magazines on the cannabis culture, ranging from the 19th century to the era of jazz and on to the contemporary pop culture.

The Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum offers visitors extensive documentation and historical facts about today's use of the cannabis plant as well as about its medicinal, religious and cultural applications. In addition, attention is given to the importance of cannabis to the environment, agriculture and industry. The museum shows that hemp has evolved to become one of Man's most valuable raw materials used in farming.

This summer, the Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum will relocate to 130 Oudezijds Achterburgwal. In the new building, it will soon be possible to admire many more valuable pictures and objects. For instance, objects such as hand tools and implements used through the centuries to make hemp into rope, paper and fabrics. The vast collection contains works by David Teniers the Younger, Cornelis Decker and Adriaen van Ostade. It also includes modern canvases by Piet Mondrian and others.

Cannabis lovers can enjoy the museum to their hearts' content. The souvenir shop offers a wide variety of articles, such as T-Shirts, made of hemp. Of course, there are all conceivable kinds of paraphernalia for sale that can be used to enjoy cannabis. And those who want to grow marihuana for themselves can get all requisites and expert advice at the seeds shop. Cannabis plants in their different stages of development can be admired in an indoor garden.

Although cannabis is considered controversial in many places of the world, the Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum aims to provide an objective picture of this remarkable plant. It is to be expected that scientists will discover many more uses for the cannabis plant. At the museum, visitors will be able to gain a deeper insight into all of this, because a visit will bring a wealth of information. In the Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum, the past, present and future of the cannabis plant are merging together.
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Cannabinoids are found in vertebras as well as invertabras, such as leeches and molluscs, which means that cannabinoids have probably survived for more than 500 million years of evolutionary progress.